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This page is here to provide information and support to those who have been affected by the disease/condition vitiligo.  We meet four times a year to discuss various topics relating to vitiligo (treatment options, news, methods of control, ways of covering discolorations, and more).  Our main purpose is to provide support for those in need of it!  Together, we can all relate to and help each other deal with the complexities of living with vitiligo.

Dr. Anand K. Ganesan, MD


Dr. Ganesan is a board certified dermatologist whose clinical practice focuses on patients with melanocyte disorders including vitiligo.   His clinical practice offers a range of state of the art treatments for vitiligo, including skin grafting, light therapy, and laser therapy.   In addition to caring for vitiligo patients in the clinic, Dr. Ganesan also runs a research laboratory that focuses on understanding what makes pigment cells migrate and how we can use this knowledge to develop new vitiligo treatments.  He is the clinical advisor to the vitiligo support group and is present at all meetings to provide encouragement, support, and valuable information for patients.  

Dr. Pezhman Mobasher


Information Coming Soon!

Shane Borowski

Teacher, volunteer operator of the OC Vitiligo Support Group website


My Story:

In September of 2017, our 4 year-old daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo.  My wife Kimberly and I were devastated .  With the help of Dr. Ganesan and this support group, we are working together to help all three of us through this difficult time.  My ultimate hope is that we can find and correct what is causing this disease in our little girl! Until then, this support group is something that has been helpful for us and the people here are teriffic! 

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