Here are some highlights from our support discussion last meeting:


Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your attendance at our 4/25/17 support group meeting!  We had several new members come.  It was good to meet you all and we look forward to more attendees at our next meeting (most likely in July).  

Here are some items we discussed:

- Group Organization (who we are, what we want to accomplish, who will help)

- Walk-a-thon ideas:

     We are planning a walk-a-thon to raise awareness.  Your input is wanted!  Use the     contact button at the top left of this page to send ideas on what would make for a good Walk-a-Thon...all to raise awareness and bvring more members into our group!  You can also email Shane at with your input.

- Dr. Ganesan presented some exciting new developments in the treatment of Vitiligo, along with introducing Dr. Ashley Elsensohn, who will be conducting a study with Dr. Ganesan linking wellness and vitiligo (with the ultimate hopes they can get more funding and more coverage for people whose insurances do not cover proper vitiligo treatment).

- We agreed to stream the next meeting live over Facebook and/or Youtube, so that those far from us can partake in the goodness.


Finally, we are asking for feedback on what you want!  If you or a family member/friend suffer from vitiligo, please press this link and take this survey to tell us what you would like from our group:






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